At CHD Living, we appreciate that each resident is unique and has a rich history to share. All staff are trained to ensure that you live with dignity and purpose. We respect that it is your right to make choices that are important to you. So, when it comes to your care needs, you can be sure to enjoy freedom of choice and complete peace of mind with CHD Living.

We encourage independence and welcome visitors at any time. We want families to have complete peace of mind and to share in activities and entertainment with their loved ones. We value all comments and feedback so that we can continuously improve the service we offer.

CHD Living is equipped to meet your every need. Our highly skilled staff will guide you through every stage of your care pathway, taking on board your choices and preferences so that you receive the best possible care and attention during your stay.

At the heart of our individually tailored care is the unique community created by our diverse guests, their families and our local communities. This, combined with our passion for providing unparalleled care, is what makes CHD Living the right choice for exceptional living.