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“All of CHD Living’s services are registered with The Care Quality Commission (CQC). In February 2019, some of CHD Living’s services were re-registered under a new legal entity. This has resulted in the archiving of the original registration on the CQC’s website. As such, some of CHD Living’s services will now appear as a new service, that has yet to be inspected, however the most recent CQC rating of “Good” is still valid for these services.

As of May 2019, all fifteen of CHD Living’s registered services have been rated GOOD by The Care Quality Commission.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is responsible for monitoring and rating the performance of care homes across England. Each of CHD Living’s care homes is registered with the CQC and receives an unannounced visit by a CQC inspector.

The CQC inspector will speak to our residents, their families and our team to understand better the quality of care we are providing and rate us accordingly. The inspector considers five key areas, these are:

  1. Are we safe?

  2. Are we responsive?

  3. Are we well led?

  4. Are we caring?

  5. Are we effective?

Once the inspector has gathered the information they require, they will rate each of these areas as either:

  • Outstanding

  • Good

  • Requires Improvement

  • Inadequate

A report is then produced of the findings, shared with the provider and published online as a guide for the home, residents, families and providers. For more information about the work of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), including their published reports, visit

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